SR 836/826 Road Construction

The Dolphin–Palmetto Interchange, also known as 826–836, is a complex four-level stack interexchange in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It primarily serves as a highway interchange between State Road 826 (SR 826, Palmetto Expressway) and SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway), but also has ramps to surface streets such as SR 969 (Milam Dairy Road) and Flagler Street.

tampa airport

Tampa International Airport (TPA) has started the first phase of its massive expansion project in November 2014. The expansion is outlined in the 2012 Master Plan Update to prepare the airport for future growth opportunities.

The expansion, which is being executed in three phases, includes multiple projects and will increase the airport’s current handling capacity of 17 million passengers to 34 million passengers a year.

Phase 1 was completed in November 2017, whereas Phases 2 and 3 are scheduled for completion by 2023 and 2028 respectively. 

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

The museum features an expansive multi-level aquarium featuring the beautiful watery worlds of South Florida and its inhabitants. The top deck of the Aquarium puts you at the surface of key South Florida ecosystems, including the Gulf Stream, brought to life in the sweeping, 100-foot wide, 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream Aquarium, where mahi-mahi, devil rays, hammerhead sharks and much more travel through open water. Nearby, explore the vastly different worlds of coral reefs, mangroves, beaches, and the Everglades. The middle level features underwater worlds: coral reefs, ocean currents mangrove forests, and the Gulf Stream. nearly 30 aquariums and interactive vessels invite you to experience the extreme diversity of the subtropical sea through intimate observation and learning. The bottom-most level exhibits the vast depths of the Gulf Stream. where drifters such as jellyfish ride the massive flow running along Florida’s east coast and into the North Atlantic. The aquarium culminates on this floor with a 31-foot oculus lens forming the bottom of the gulf stream aquarium.

The 250-seat Frost Planetarium uses 16-million-color 8K projection, surround sound, and a vast dome screen to take you on dazzling visual odysseys to outer space.

The Power of Science exhibits the achievements of scientists and researchers past, while also exhibiting the science of the future. The exhibit hosts a series of hands-on exhibits, cutting-edge interactives, rare specimens, an interactive floor, a deep dive into the periodic table of elements, a showcase of collection pieces and scientific instruments used across various scientific fields, and more. Explore the scientific process by asking questions, gaining insight, and persevering through challenges, as you strive to reach a powerful new understanding about ourselves and our world. The exhibit hones in on four realms of science: the oceans, the environment, the human body, and the universe.

Aston Martin Residences 

Aston Martin Residences, the newest and most talked-about building in Miami the Aston Martin Miami Tower is located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami FL, 33131.  The Aston Martin condos in Miami will offer floor to ceiling 10-foot windows with expansive views of Biscayne Bay and or the City. For decades Aston Martin has been known as the sexy brand of automobile associated with the popular James Bond films, year after year the Aston Martin cars designs keep getting sexier and slicker. As technology advances so does each design and quality of each automobile, I expect that same commitment to perfection from Aston Martin as they make history with the company’s first residential tower in the World.

The original plans for this tower were a proposed 66 stories and 817 feet high. This tower will now be 70 stories, making it just over 860 feet.

UM Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson Health System, one of the nation’s largest public health systems, recently embarked on a $1.4 billion, 10-year capital plan that includes new construction projects, the renovation of existing facilities, and infrastructure improvements. This strategic plan will transform Jackson into a modernized, patient-centered healthcare system that can better meet the future needs of Miami-Dade County residents and international patients who travel to Jackson because of its medical expertise.

The plan provides a clear visualization of the future of the health system’s facilities, best practice patient and visitor flow patterns, alignment of services with facilities, and a step-by-step transition plan and costs.

Fort Hood Armored Corps

Construction on the National Mounted Warrior Museum is coming along on Fort Hood near the Bernie Beck Main Gate.

The $38 million project broke ground in November 2020. The 28,700-square-foot museum is expected to open by the end of 2022 and is expected to grow in size in subsequent phases, according to National Mounted Warfare Foundation officials. It is being built outside Fort Hood’s security fence, meaning visitors will not have to go through a Fort Hood gate to get to it.